The Valve & Loop Static Head Space Autosampler

The Programmable Temperature Vaporizing PTV Injector

Fast GC, TOF-MS and Multi-DImensional GC

The Valve & Loop Static Headspace Sampler

The Programmable Temperature Vaporizing PTV Injector

Fast GC, TOF-MS and Multidimensional GC

The Valve&Loop Static Headspace Sampler

The Valve & Loop Static Head Space Autosampler

A milestone in the DANI’s history of success is the development of the first revolutionary Valve&Loop Autosampler for Static Headspace Technique.

This core technology has been adopted for the development of important official methods and over time DANI has evolved the design adding digital flow controllers, large sample capacity, full software integration and sample traceability.

During te years DANI has manufactured more than thirty thousand of these HS Samplers sold through OEM relationships or directly to customers. A fantastic achievement if one considers that the original nucleus of founders could be count on the fingers of a hand.

Today DANI provides the market with a full range of proprietary front line auto samplers (Static and Dynamic Headspace, Purge&Trap, Thermal Desorber) designed according to the most stringent international norms and regulations like the USP 467, the EPA TO15/17, EPA 502, etc. This has propelled the entire chain of automation through modern labs calling for more and more unattended systems capable to reduce costs by increasing productivity.

The Programmable Temperature Vaporizing PTV Injector

Among the innovations brought to the market in those years, a prominent role has been played by the introduction of the first commercially available Programmable Temperature Vaporizing Injector, the PTV, able to overcome, for the first time the annoying problems of discrimination in samples containing a larga range of volatility. The possibility to easily automate the injection procedure through standard syringes and auto samplers has certainly contributed to the success of this important injection system to a large extent. The PTV injector has soon become a standard for quantitative analysis in HRGC and its early adoption by important opinion leaders was sealing the success of this innovative injection mode through the laboratories of large industry labs and research developments teams.

Fast GC, Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry, Multidimensional Chromatography

Fast GC, Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry, Multi-Dimensional Chromatography

DANI approach to design has always been “simple is better”. This concept, developed throughout the years of the pioneering stage to date, has allowed DANI to develop, manufacture and sell easy to use systems featuring uncompromised performance achieved through design simplicity which always offers the best approach to machines which can be successfully used by a vast community of chromatographers.

The development of Fast GC and a modern, ultrafast mass spectrometric detector based on Time of Flight was no exception to this driving force at the base of DANI products.

Today the availability of a powerful GC/TOFMS system allowing superb analytical capabilities in both GC/MS and GCxGC MS application by virtue of an outstanding level of unprecedented performance in sensitivity, linearity and speed of acquisition. All this is, once more, achieved by design simplicity from the hardware and the software point of view. The simplicity by design is also ensured by the small footprint of this high performance TOFMS which incorporates an advanced differentially pumped system capable to ensure the achievement of the stringent levels of vacuum required for utmost performance in TOFMS environment.

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Master GC

Fast GC Gas Chromatograph
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Time of Flight
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Master AS

Automatic Liquid Autosampler
High Sample Throughput Liquid Autosampler

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
Outstanding Sensitivity

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static Headspace Sampler
Affordable Excellence

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Dynamic Headspace Sampler
Ultimate Versatility

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Purge&Trap Sampler
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Thermal Desorber
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