DANI Instruments Group is pleased to announce that this year the Company will be at the Pittcon Conference to introduce exciting new products as well as to announce the the establishment of DANI Instruments Inc., the new US-based Company with headquarters in Marlborough (Boston).

As anticipated in a series of recent press releases, DANI Instruments Inc is the direct result of the recent acquisition of Spectra Analysis, a world leader in FTIR technology for GC and LC applications, which completes the DANI product line with a highly specialized detector for the identification of a large variety of components in very complex mixtures. Polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical, petro chemistry, flavor & fragrances and forensic toxicology are the major fields of application for this technology.

The possibility to combine FTIR and TOF MS detection in GC applications makes Dani’s portfolio an ideal solution for these market segments on which the group historically focused resources and efforts since its origin forty years ago.

At this Conference DANI will also introduce revolutionary technologies and devices which will put the word end to the pain in the neck caused by the expensive liquid nitrogen consumption for GCxGC applications. This will not be the only innovative product presented at the show as it will be completed by exciting news on software platforms for GC &GCMS based on TOF technology as well as a complete range of front-end samplers to extend laboratory automation and productivity.

DANI Instruments Inc also is pleased to announce the opening of DANI Academy, a modern and unconventional forum for the exchange of technological and application information on separation science in the USA.

Our staff of specialists will attend the Conference to show you all this and illustrate performance and applications with competence and dedication.

Welcome to booth #4052

See you there!

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