Master GC Turn-Key Analyzer for Superior Petrochemical Solutions

The ability to provide the appropriate GC system to meet the most challenging analytical demands comes from a proven gas chromatographic experience and deep industry knowledge.

As requirements change a highly reliable instrumentation could not be enough to succeed in getting trustworthy results: complete and guaranteed solutions are essential to comply with the latest industry standards and specifications. In this view, and after a close work with its customers to best match their real needs, DANI Instruments has developed key analytical solutions that cover a broadest array of applications, requirements and protocols in petrochemical, energy and fuels industries.

Master GC Turn-Key Analyzers are pre-configured, fully integrated, tested and guaranteed solutions able to meet today’s analytical laboratories needs, be they simple or highly complex. Instrumentation, applications, supplies, services and data handling: Master GC Turn-Key Analyzer are completely tailored gas chromatography solutions.

Master GC Turn-Key Analyzers features:

  • Robust and reliable systems
  • Breakthrough analytical capabilities
  • High quality
  • Reduced analysis time
  • High return of investment
  • Rapid installation and ease of use

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