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Master P&T | Dani Analitica

Innovative Design for High Efficiency

Master P&T

Fully Compliant with Official Norms

Master P&T

No Carryover

Master P&T

Enhanced Accuracy and Sensitivity

Master P&T

Increased Productivity

Master P&T


Innovative Dual Needle Technology


Use of disposable vials instead of conventional vessels


One step less of sample manipulation


Automatic recondition of the sample path at the end of every analyis


Highly thermostatted sample path to avoid sample condensation


Small volume trap for superior chromatographic separation


Exclusive Dew Stop device for efficient water removal

Master P&T

Purge&Trap Sampler

Compliant Innovation

The innovative way for drinking water analysis, delivering performance in regulated environments.
In-vial extraction of volatiles, no carryover.

  • No carryover
  • High efficiency and increased productivity by design
  • Fully compliant with official norms

Master P&T

The Innovative Way for Water Analysis

Delivering Performance in Regulated Environments

DANI Master P&T – Purge&Trap Sampler offers the most reliable, high performing Purge&Trap volatiles extraction technique for ultra-trace VOCs analysis. 

With its innovative design, Master P&T eliminates any risk of carryover and significantly improves chromatographic efficiency. Excellent analytical performance is guaranteed by the instant desorption trap that assures the complete transfer of the analytes and their injection into the analytical column in a very narrow band to preserve chromatographic resolution.

In order to maximize purging efficiency and minimize the migration of water to the GC or the GC/MS system, the innovative Dew Stop device efficiently removes water maintaining volatile compounds recovery unaffected.

The use of a precise flow of inert gas through the original and specifically-designed needle enables the volatiles to be swept from the sample and focused in a sorbent packed trap. The instrument configuration and process design allows a smooth extraction without the formation of foam. Analytes are then thermally desorbed and introduced into the gas chromatographic column. The highest recovery of the volatiles and the optimal injection result therefore in an unmatched sensitivity.

Master P&T fully complies with the official norms requirements ensuring at the same time superior analysis performance thanks to the accurate and precise control of the entire sampling process, along with the automatic standard addition, the overlapping incubation time capability, and the absence of cross-contamination.

The intuitive control through the software offers an easily management of all the operating parameters and analytical conditions offering a completely automated solution and allowing the unattended analysis of up to 65 samples with the true fastest cycle time in the industry.

Master GC

Fast GC Gas Chromatograph
A Breakthrough in Fast GC Performance


Turn-Key Analyzers
Superior Petrochemical Solutions


Time of Flight
Speed is Knowledge

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
Outstanding Sensitivity

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static Headspace Sampler
Affordable Excellence

Master DHS

Dynamic Headspace Sampler
Ultimate Versatility

Master P&T

Purge&Trap Sampler
Compliant Innovation

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