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Master SHS | Dani Analitica

Historically the Best

Master SHS

A Robust and Flexible System to Meet Complex and Versatile Needs

Master SHS

Reliable Results and Exceptional Reproducibility

Master SHS

Intuitive, Powerful and Straightforward User Interface

Master SHS


Largest sample capacity (up to 120 vial positions) and unlimited priority vials


Maximum compatibility with different headspace vial formats to accomodate different workflows


No carryover thanks to the fully chemically inert sample path


Bar-code reader for sample identification and validation, ensuring data traceability


Compliance with pharmacopoeia and forensic regulatory requirements

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler


DANI Mster SHS confirms the reliability of the “Valve & Loop” technique and introduces advanced features for improved performance.


Master SHS Brochure

Click on the image above to download the brochure.

Master SHS

Innovation arises from a deep-rooted tradition

The capacity to design and provide the most flexible, accurate, automated headspace system comes from a rich and long tradition in innovation. The culture of innovation is a legacy carried over more than three decades of real and proven experience in Headspace sample handling. This is the background that originated the new DANI Master SHS Static Headspace Sampler.

Static Headspace sampling technique is the most commonly used technique for the analysis of volatile and semivolatile compounds. The new Master SHS is a very flexible system and can be applied to the most widely differing sample matrices.

Among its benefits:

  • limited or no sample preparation
  • no contamination risk
  • reduced danger of false results
  • diminished inlet or column maintenance
  • outstanding sensitivity
  • completely automated analysis
  • easy to use
  • highest sample throughput
  • absence of artifact or sample degradation
  • robust and trouble-free design

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Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
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