Outstanding Sensitivity

Master TD

Maximized Automation and Capacity

Master TD

Green, Safe, and Cost-Effective Technique

Master TD

System COmpleteness

Master TD


100-1000 fold higher sensitivity than a liquid extraction


Two-stage thermal desorption process with packed sorbent trap


Patented "instant desorption" device


Extraction of VOC and SVOC up to C44


Tube reconditioning during sample analysis


"Air Sampler" device for continuous monitoring or automatic sampling from canister / air bags

Master TD

Thermal Desorber

Extended Sampling, Outstanding Sensitivity

The ultimate solution for high sensitive detection of volatile and semi volatile constituents.

  • Maximized Automation
  • High Reliability with Automatic Leak Test before Desorption
  • Green, safe, and cost-effective technique compliant with official norms

Master TD

Ultimate Solution for High Sensitivity Detection of Volatiles

The DANI MASTER TD Thermal Desorber offers superior sensitivity, versatility, and productivity for the extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from air and solid matrices.
The excellent analytical performance of the system is guaranteed by the two-stage thermal desorption process and supported by the patented “Instant Desorption” of the trap. This design assures the complete transfer of the analytes and their injection into the analytical column in a narrow band to preserve chromatographic resolution and accuracy.
Solid samples are placed directly into the sampling tubes, while gaseous matrices are sampled into tubes filled with one or more sorbent materials or sampled straightly onto the trap by using the MASTER Air Sampler, which automates the sampling from ambient, gas streams, canisters or sampling bags.

When compared with liquid extraction, the higher recovery of the volatiles and their optimal injection result in unmatched sensitivity. MASTER TD offers an outstanding increase in sensitivity (up to 1,000 to 10,000 times) and a superior desorption efficiency (over 95 % recovery of all volatile compounds). In addition, the technique benefits from the reduced sample manipulation and the cost-effective reutilization of the sampling tubes. The fully automated control of the system provides high sample capacity and optimal sampling tube processing for maximum system productivity.

The intuitive control through the TD Manager software offers a complete automated solution. The easy and flexible management of all operating parameters and analytical conditions permits unattended analysis of up to 50 samples.

The MASTER TD, combined with the MASTER GC, is the solution of choice for air monitoring (indoor, workplace, and ambient air) and for the analysis of soil, polymers, packaging materials, etc.
In addition, the MASTER TD meets and exceeds specifications given in the U.S. EPA (TO-14, TO-15, and TO-17), as well as other international regulations.

Master Air Sampler

The MASTER Air Sampler is the ideal solution to execute unattended field or on-line monitoring. A programmed sample processing enables the Direct Sampling of ambient air, gas streams, sampling bags or canisters straight into the MASTER TD trap.
Three sampling lines for sample, blank, and calibration standards are available. Sample throughput can be enhanced by using the Line Selector option to process up to ten lines. Gas flow rates are MFC controlled to guarantee the maximum repeatability of the sampled volume.

The MASTER Air Sampler, controlled by the TD Manager software, can be programmed to perform a virtually unlimited number of analyses.
The system is compliant with the U.S. EPA methods for air sampling such as TO-14 and TO-15 for canister sampling.

Master GC

Fast GC Gas Chromatograph
A Breakthrough in Fast GC Performance


Turn-Key Analyzers
Superior Petrochemical Solutions


Time of Flight
Speed is Knowledge

Master AS

Automatic Liquid Autosampler
High Sample Throughput Liquid Autosampler

Master SHS

Static Headspace Sampler
Outstanding Sensitivity

HSS 86.50 Plus

Static Headspace Sampler
Affordable Excellence

Master DHS

Dynamic Headspace Sampler
Ultimate Versatility

Master P&T

Purge&Trap Sampler
Compliant Innovation

Master TD

Thermal Desorber
Extended Sampling, Outstanding Sensitivity

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