Clarity Chromatography Station

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Clarity Chromatography Station

The Clarity Chromatography Station provides full control of the DANI Master GC along with all the other DANI Instruments.

Clarity is a very flexible chromatography software that enables the control of a broad series of commercially available systems. The advanced chromatography station is designed to control up to four independent chromatography systems, and to acquire and elaborate up to four signals from each instrument simultaneously.

The Clarity user interface combines functionality with simplicity of use, offering instrument control and the intuitive generation of data handling methods. The graphical interface includes self-explanatory icons and windows for quick operation.

The flexible and robust software addresses the requirements of the FDA’s directive 21 CFR part 11 by delivering a series of validation tools such as user access control, validation records, and audit trails.

The security and control of chromatographic data according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 are guaranteed through the dedicated tools: protection of chromatographic data, electronic signature, and audit trail.


Clarity NGA Extension

The Clarity NGA extension is an optional software module that enhances the possibilities of the Clarity Chromatography Software: it adds features that are specific for Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Analysis and data processing.

With the NGA Extension there is no longer need for an external tool for gas properties calculations since the Clarity NGA extension already contains the complete workflow of data acquisition, peak calibration, gas properties calculations based on supported norms and reporting. It is furthermore possible to perform summary calculations of gas properties from multiple signals and chromatograms.

Clarity NGA Extension calculates Gas properties according to the following norms:

ISO 6975-95, ASTM D 3588-98, GPA 2172-09, ASTM D 2421-02, ASTM D 2598-02, ISO 8973-97, EN589-04.


Clarity Chromatography Station

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