Clarity MS Extension

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Clarity MS Extension

Clarity MS extension module is the application that allows integrated control of DANI (or others) front-end devices with Master GC-TOF as well as combining mass detector and any other analog detector installed on Master GC. Clarity MS module truly provides a single platform for acquisition, processing and reporting for systems like P&T GC/TOF MS or TD GC/TOF MS.

The Clarity MS Extension is used for processing data that has been acquired from Master TOF combining spectral data with chromatograms, to add a third dimension to analytical data analysis.

The MS Extension expands the capability of the well established Clarity Chromatography software by providing interactive spectral analysis, peak purity analysis and compound identification that is based on spectral library search.

The MS Extension is an optional extension for the Clarity and Clarity Offline Chromatography Stations version 5 and newer. Any Instrument within the Clarity station can use the MS Extension.

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Clarity MS Extension


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