Food Adulteration & Fraud

Agricolture – Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Food adulteration practice is of growing concern and authentication of food products is of primary importance for both consumer and industries.
From the legislative standpoint, quality standards have been established through the requirement of quality labels that specify the chemical composition of the goods.
All food products targeted for adulteration are high-commercial-value products produced in high tonnage around the world.
The detection of adulteration is a challenging analytical task as an adulterant has typically similar chemical composition of the adulterated product.  The common approach is to determine the ratio among some chemical constituents considered characteristic of the specific product or its origin, or to determine specific biomarkers that proves either the adulteration or authenticity of the food.

The Solution

DANI Instruments has continued to implement innovative techniques by introducing in the market very sensitive, reliable, extremely versatile and easy to use instruments that meet food & beverage monitoring real requirements.
Decades of experience in developing applications for the Food industry are the basis of a number of solutions that allow achieving accurate, precise, and reliable results to match the requirements of the regulated Food analysis.

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