Chemicals & Polymers

Chemicals & Polymers

The Challenge

In modern life people are surrounded by polymers; every day, a person comes into contact with dozens, if not hundreds, of polymers. As it is well-known, the main problem regarding these compounds is the presence of residual contaminants which can migrate from a product and come in contact with living beings. Residual contaminants are, usually, residues of the manufacturing process of polymers or additives and/ or coating materials, and can be present in high concentration levels.

Furthermore, some of these contaminants can represent concrete risks for human health. As a consequence the need for efficient and reliable analytical methods to determinate their concentrations in daily life products like plastic materials in contact with foodstuff and toys is a primary target.

The Solution

The sample preparation, in some cases, can be the bottleneck in an analytical method. The Static Headspace Sampling technique, coupled with a Gas Chromatograph, is the common approach for the analysis of volatiles in polymers. The use of a High Temperature Static Headspace, with an incubation temperature of up to 300°C, avoids the need of dissolving the polymer in a high boiling point solvent: the sample is simply placed directly into the vial and automatically processed and analyzed.
Furthermore, the Valve & Loop technology, in which DANI has 40 years of experience, guarantees best-in-class repeatability.

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