Refinery Gas Analysis

Refinery Gas Analysis

The Challenge

Renery gas is a mixture of gases generated during refinery process which are used to transform crude oil into various petroleum products which can be treated or sold. The composition of refinery gas varies, depending on the composition of the crude oil it originates from and the processes it has been subjected to. Common components include butanes, butylenes, methane, ethane, and ethylene.
For the determination of the refinery gas content, gas chromatography is the technique of choice and DANI can offer a very complete line of dedicated analyses.

The Solution

The DANI TurnKey Gas Analyzers for Renery Gas are an innovative solution to full the demand of strictly quality control routines.
DANI TurnKey Analyzers are based on the DANI Master GC Gas Chromatograph, the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems. The highest degree of exibility and upgradeability featured by the Master GC easily support an array of custom configurations. The CLARITY ™ Chromatography Station provides full control of the Analyzers and of the sampling introduction systems, offering a owless solution to process all the data acquired reliably and in real time.

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