Sulfur Analysis

Sulfur Analysis

The Challenge

Hydrogen Sulde (H2S), carbon sulde (COS) and methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) are common components in light hydrocarbon streams. They have corrosive and toxic properies that can damage pipes and equipement. The emission of undesidered odors caused by vehicle sulfur compounds in intermediates and final products can have serious economic and environmental impact. In addition, the presence of sulfur can aect the performance of industrial processes, resulting in chemical reactions, loss of catalyst activity (catalyst poisonong) and ultimately lower yield.
These sulfur components must be detected at low ppm-levels. They can be measured with sulfur-specific detection devices such as a pulsed flame photometric detector.

The Solution

The DANI TurnKey Gas Analyzers for Sulfur Analysis are an innovative solution to full the demand of strictly quality control routines.
DANI TurnKey Analyzers are based on the DANI Master GC Gas Chromatograph, the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems. The highest degree of exibility and upgradeability featured by the Master GC easily support an array of custom congurations.
The CLARITY ™ Chromatography Station provides full control of the Analyzers and of the sampling introduction systems, offering a owless solution to process all the data acquired reliably and in real time.

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