PCB Analysis

Method detection limits for the analysis of PCBs are in the order of one to fractional parts per billion range. These limits are easily reachable with the DANI Master GC equipped with an Electron Capture Detector. 
The GC-ECD method, in fact, provides good specificity, hence sensitivity satisfying the requirements of the EPA official method.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are a class of man-made organic compounds with no known natural source, commercially produced for a wide variety of uses in 1900s. Their chemical properties, such as non-flammability, heat resistance, insulation) and physical stability contribute to their environmental persistence.
Exposure to PCBs can cause human and wildlife health issues with acute and chronic effects.
Starting from 1960s, GC/ECD configuration has been widely used for the analysis of PCBs. This configuration became by the time very popular and routinely applied for the analysis of PCBs.

DANI Solution for PCB Analysis

A compliant, affordable and reliable configuration

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